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Recruitment Service

Reduce administrative procedures and improve the efficiency of the enterprise

Recruitment service

Recruitment service outsourcing means that an enterprise entrusts all or part of the recruitment and selection to a professional third-party outsourcing service company. The professional outsourcing service company uses its advantages in human resources, assessment tools and process management to complete the recruitment procedures. Outsourcing recruitment services can improve the quality of recruitment, shorten the time to fill vacancies, improve the entire administrative process and reduce overall costs.

Service Content

  • Recruitment service

    Recruitment service is a recruitment method for general job talents to find the most suitable talents in the shortest time, it is able to meet the needs of enterprises to recruit a large number of candidates with similar skills. Bulk recruitment integrates recruitment channels for different requirements and provides one-stop services such as talent screening, interviews, written tests. It performs a low management cost, short recruitment time, high production efficiency and low employee turnover rate. It is a new type of recruitment One of the service methods

  • headhunting service

    Specializing in the headhunting business of mid-to-high-end management talents and scientific and technological talents, the industry covers finance, real estate, chemical medicine, manufacturing, consumer goods, etc. According to the needs of enterprises, tailor-made enterprise recruitment plans, search for professional talents in the industry.

  • 33jobs.com

    33jobs.com was launched in 2017 and is operated by Hong Kong Bangmang Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. It mainly provides the most effective online interactive recruitment platform for Hong Kong enterprises and applicants.

  • China HRD

    The Bangmang Online Recruitment and Job Search System. It provides free recruitment and job hunting in most cities in China and is able to launch recruitment posts, resume collection, resume screening, and interviews.

Service Advantage

  • Precise positioning

    Precise, scientific and comprehensive job analysis, search strategy and selection process.

  • Rich experience

    Bangmang has fifteen years of offline recruitment experience and able to fulfill customer’s need.

  • Professional service team

    Bangmang has a high-quality, high-standard and efficient professional service team, we served over thousands of clients in different industries.

  • Responding speed

    We have high respond rate in tracking of the whole process from establishment of cooperation to completion of recruitment.

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