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Labor Dispatching

Reducing the labor cost and avoid the employing risk

Labor Dispatching

Labor Dispatching means that the company can outsource their job position which including salary setting, recruitment, on-the-job training, salary distribution, MPF payment, personal tax declaration, performance design, handling of labor relations. Therefore, enterprises can through labor dispatching to reduce employment risks.

Service Contents

  • Recruitment Management

    Provide recruitment, interview and entry procedures, responsible for staff follow-up related work.

  • Labor Contract Management

    Provide employment contract signing, renewal, release, and probation period conversion management.

  • Medical Insurance & Welfare Management

    Provide medical insurance and welfare management.

  • MPF

    Provide MPF member registration and management service

  • Staff Management Service

    Handling the procedures of employment/dismission and introducing talents,applying for residence permit and settlement business.

  • Policy Enquiry

    Provide information in labor policy with related legal

Service Advantage

  • 01/
    Rich experience, professional service

    Engaged in labor dispatch for 15 years, we have a large customer network, our services cover a wide range of industries and job positions.

  • 02/
    Personalized Solutions

    Aim at the core of the customer's needs and accurately customize and implement personalized solutions for customers.

  • 03/
    Extensive service network

    BangMang group has 228 directly-operated companies across the country, our business covers more than 300 cities in China.

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