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Labor Dispatching

Reducing the labor cost and avoid the employing risk

Warehouse & Logistic

We can help customers conduct storage management and distribution of goods. On the other hand, we also can optimize the logistics supply chain process to reduce logistics labor costs and improve comprehensive service quality.

Service Content

  • Project Design

    Process design, system customization, storage scheme, reservoir area planning, individual requirements

  • Inventory management

    Notification of arrival, product quality check, warehouse placement, system confirmation

  • Warehouse management

    Warehouse location design, inventory alert system, out-of-stock replenishment, sales and return management

  • Outbound management

    document printing, cargo review, packaging and weighing, handover and delivery

Service Advantage

  • 01/
    Rich experience, professional service

    Engaged in labor dispatch for 15 years, we have a large customer network, our services cover a wide range of industries and job positions.

  • 02/
    Professional service team

    we have been engaging service management over 10 years. We can according to customer needs to provide customize personalized solutions.

  • 03/
    Standardize process

    Standardize processes able to ensure the safety of inventory management and increase production efficiency.

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