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Labor Dispatching

Reducing the labor cost and avoid the employing risk

Project outsourcing

We conduct a series of processes from personnel recruitment, training, manpower planning, employee relations, performance formulation and management, salary formulation and distribution to order management, production achievement, and quality control. Track and implement, assist enterprises to provide overall operational efficiency, and reduce risks for enterprises in all aspects.

Service Advantage

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    Rich experience, professional service

    Engaged in labor dispatch for 15 years, we have a large customer network, our services cover a wide range of industries and job positions.

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    Professional service team

    Bangmang has a high-quality, high-standard and efficient professional service team, we serviced thousands of customers and able to according customer needs to provide customize personalized solutions.

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    Extensive service network

    BangMang group has 228 directly-operated companies across the country, our business covers more than 300 cities in China.

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