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Hong Kong Bang Mang Service Outsourcing Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Bang Mang Manpower, was established in 2015, located on the 3rd floor of Master Chang Commercial Center, No. 426 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, focusing on providing quality and efficient human resources outsourcing services for enterprises. The main business includes: job outsourcing, personnel agency, recruitment/headhunting services, and other commercial services (visa, etc.).

As an important node of the global layout of Bangmang manpower, Hong Kong Bangmang adheres to the customer-centric, actively creates a cross-border cooperation model, provides human resource services for enterprises in Hong Kong and mainland, reduces the cost of human resource management, optimizes the risk of enterprise employment, helps enterprises to maximize management efficiency and promotes the process of enterprise globalization.

Deep farming industry

17 years

Directly operated company


Covering city

400 +

Professional team

2600 +

Serve customers

30000 +

Number of employees

1000000 +

Service Content

Job outsourcing
Personnel agency
Recruitment/headhunting services
Other commercial services

According to the actual needs of your business, we can provide you with professional and efficient human resource management services, covering the whole process of tracking employees from entry to departure, to the precise implementation of key links such as payroll, labor insurance, and MPF management.


We have a service network covering the mainland, Hong Kong and the United States, and can provide you with comprehensive cross-border personnel agency services to help you easily cope with various problems and challenges in personnel management.


Based on our own recruitment process and management system, we can provide you with complete recruitment process management services, and your company will enjoy the full support from job Posting to candidate recruitment.


We provide business services such as work visa application and extension, visa application and renewal, talent introduction and financial processing for companies, their employees and their relatives. Through professional services, we will fully protect the travel of enterprises and individuals to Hong Kong.

Service Advantage
17 years professional HR service provider

Advantage 1

National landing exclusive customization

Advantage 2

Flexible application of high-quality products

Advantage 3

digital intelligence technology personality support

Advantage 4

Professional team escort
Bangmang layout of the global service network has reached 228
17 years of professional human resources service provider

Shanghai Headquarters: Bangmang Headquarters Building, 795 Yongde Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Hong Kong, China: 3 / F, Master Chang Commercial Centre, 426 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

United States: 26 Dove Dr., Ithaca NY, 14850

The number of direct companies in the world has reached 228

The service network covers 400+ cities

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